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King Scruffy's Page

Dedicated to Scruffy!

Scruffy is litter brother to Romeo he is owned by jacinta and carl they are very proud of scruffy he is a gorgeous pet but most of all has bought a ray of sunshine to the peoples lives were jacinta works ,he has helped many people recover from illness and sadness in there lives.

Romeo and Scruffy as babies...

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Jacinta and Scruffy

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I will add more pictures as i recieve them from scruffys mum and dad Romeo sends big kisses to his brother he says maybe we can meet up some time ?? Below are the kind comments i recieved from scruffys mum and dad PLEASE take time to read ................. xxxx to all.

Hi Jan, Hi Daryl,
It's the Irish contingent to the extended Jandaz family..........*grin* Yep, Scuffy's loyal servant here!!!!!I know many compliment you on the website and your puppies but unless you have experienced living with one of the Jandaz diaspra you can't really know what beautiful, well adjusted, good natured, loveable, loyal dogs they are. From the day I dragged myself away from your place we have had nothing but pleasure as Scruffy is so much part of our lives now we had no idea what we were missing before he arrived. He brings such unreserved, unconditional love to the house that it's a real pleasure to see him first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Scruffy has brought so much to so many people not least the unit where I work. One of our patient's has suffered with a lot of mental health isses for many many years and seldom left her room and never left the unit. Since I brought Scruffy into her life, (I only have the title he's the real boss.....LOL!) she has gone from lying on a couch all day never ever moving outside the unit to taking him for walks in the village at least 3 times a day. She now meets with people, chats with everyone about him and telling everyone what a fantastic puppy he is. He has given her a whole new interest and a whole new life. In fact both staff and everyone who lives at the unit love him to bits! every day it takes me at least half an hour to escape while everyone say's goodby to him. Last year when I went on holidays the patient's and staff insisted on looking after him for the fortnight. He has that effect on everyone he meets. In fact we now have a problem where friends, family and work colleagues all jockey to have him stay with them if we go away....LOL!!!
Anyway, we have you guys to thank for bringing such a terrific little munchen into our lives, everyone who has a Jandaz friend knows exactly what I am talking about. Anyways give everyone a big cuddle and hug for me and in particular my special little guy (Romeo). Cheers to everyone.
Carl & Jacinta xxx

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